Taken Events focuses on providing the most professional entertainment service in Texas. We only use high-end equipment, a family of Dj's, and support with proven performance and track record.  A large portion of our fees go to up-keep and upgrading of equipment ensuring that our equipment is not only the best but, is of the latest technology.  Our back up systems are always ready to go and are just as high quality as our primary systems. Our investment is your benefit.

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Get This Party Started - Music Selection

Simply the best library of music out there. We update daily with today's biggest hits and yesterdays throwbacks. From the classic 1920s to today's top 40 dance hits, we have it all.  Most importantly, we not only play your music selections, we beat match and mix your favorite songs so the dancing never stops. Simply give us the list of music you want at your event and well play it.  We also can offer suggested song selections and schduling to help you chose the best music for your event.

Feel the Excitement- Sound Systems

Let the heart pounding bass set the excitement of getting those legs moving. We only use the best sound equipment; our choice of speakers include JBL, Mackie, Yamaha, and QSC. Our high-end amplifiers, mixing boards and speakers maximize cleanliness and efficiency. Our speaker systems are great for all sizes of events. A couple of speakers will do for your house parties or upgrade to the heart pounding bass bass cabinets along with matching mains for your large performance or wedding reception. With our large systems, you’ll be sure to feel the music as if you were watching your favorite band play at a live concert. There is nothing like 20,000 watts of high quality sound filling your venue. (also expandable for larger events)

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Create the mood - Lighting

Let our lighting take your venue to the fantasy you dreamed it as. We use todays led technology to enhance the ceils, walls, floors, and even the air in your venue. Taken Events is the only deejay service in the area using LED lighting technics to there full potential to help influence your feelings and thought towards the theme and mood set in the venue. We use Colorkeys highest quality led par cans with the help of up trussing, haze, and other effect lights broadcasting the feelings. Our lighting can hold the set scene through the stages of your event then process to programming of a dance mood for a selected time. We promise to provide the best lighting themes and shows around. It is what we specialize in.

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